Play Games

Play roles in scenes and stories with other players and AI-controlled NPCs. Say anything you want, and interact in open-ended sandbox environments.

Watch Games

Every game is automatically livestreamed and recorded, and viewers can influence gameplay in real-time. Watch, chat, and make choices that players respond to. Cycle in as players in the next round.

Make Games

We create games and characters from recorded player data. In the coming months, we will be releasing tools to enable non-programmers to help create new content, NPCs, and entirely new games.

The GroupPlay pre-alpha is available for Windows/OSX download right now, and will come to mobile platforms soon.

We're making games better with SCIENCE.

"Crowdsourced player data could help mold characters imbued with AI, making them more realistic and fun to interact with. Most gamers prefer playing against their friends rather than the computer, but for how much longer? Intelligent bots could become the ultimate opponents in virtual worlds – or the best companions. Massachusetts-based start-up GiantOtter wants to take these characters to another level of realism, using data from crowdsourced human interactions."