Bottom-Up Bots

Mine your contact center phone calls and live chats to build better bots


Stop trying to craft your bots by hand


Why write dozens - or even hundreds - of intents by hand, when you can leverage tools and services from
Giant Otter that efficiently learn intents, flows, and slots from your existing data.


Bots based on decision trees or flow charts only work for very simple use cases. As scope increases, the complexity of the tree structure grows exponentially, making it incredibly difficult to edit and maintain.

With Giant Otter, the effort required to train the bot scales linearly with new use cases. And we give you simple tools to make global edits to the bot, cutting maintenance effort dramatically.


How it works


Upload or Generate Examples

Import 50-100 example conversations. If the data you need doesn't exist yet, we can help you create it


Discover the Conversation Model

Don't create complex graphs, flowcharts, or decision trees from scratch. Our toolset discovers the intents and flows in your data, turning guesswork into an efficient, repeatable process. We can learn conversations with hundreds of intents and thousands of flows


Shape the model into Your Bot

You've learned a model of the conversation, now edit the dialog responses to capture the voice and the scope of the bot you envision


Deploy your Bot

Export conversations to major bot platforms like IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Microsoft LUIS, etc. – or, deploy with Giant Otter's own bot API


Optimize your Bot

Run tests, score the results, and refine your bot