The Giant Otter Conversation Authoring Platform
Simple tools for creating powerful bots, directly from your company's data.

Import customer conversation recordings or transcripts. Highlight the parts you like. Export conversations to your bot platform of choice.

No matter which bot platform you choose, you have to author the conversations.

You can do it the hard way, creating intents and flows by hand. Or, you can use the Giant Otter Conversation Authoring Platform.

Import your call recordings, transcripts, chat logs, SOPs, or training scripts.

Let our conversation authoring platform guide you through a 3-step process to refine examples, discover intents and flows, and export to your bot platform of choice -- text or voice.

[1] Simplify

Import a small data set of example conversations (50 to 100). Organize and refine them with intuitive tools. Use our text-editor to simplify each transcript to reflect the way you want your bot to converse.

Don't create graphs, flowcharts, or decision trees. We learn a branching interactive model for you, from your collection of linear examples.

Example conversations may include call recording audio files, or text transcripts from calls, chats, or role-plays. If the data you need doesn't exist yet, we can help you create it.

Curious? Experience transcript editing yourself.


[2] Discover

Other solutions require authoring intents and flow charts or decision trees by hand. We don't. Why? Because "top-down" approaches are fragile when faced with unforeseen inputs, and hard to scale beyond toy problems.

Our toolset discovers the intents and flows in your data, turning guesswork into an efficient, repeatable process. We can learn conversations with hundreds of intents and thousands of flows.

How do we do this?
Take a peek behind the curtain.

[3] Export

Our development process takes weeks, not months, and it's easy to modify conversations as your business, products, and key messages change. When you're ready, export conversations to your bot platform of choice. We support all of the major players.

Or, deploy with Giant Otter's own bot API, integrated with a variety of messaging platforms. We think our bot is better... but we understand that sometimes you just want to go with the big guys.

See for yourself. Try our bots.

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Giant Otter apps extend conversations with functionality to support specific use-cases.

RepAI is an automated customer support rep that enables companies to converse with customers 1-on-1, 24/7, at scale.

True Talk is a training solution that automates a virtual sales prospect. Sales reps can practice their pitch with a simulated conversational partner, anywhere, anytime, and get immediate objective feedback.

Click to learn more about RepAI and TrueTalk.

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Our technology has been in development for 10 years, born as AI research at the MIT Media Lab.