We are still putting the final touches on SchoolLife Premium.  Please join our waiting list if you would like to be notified as soon as SchoolLife Premium becomes available.  Questions?  Contact us at support@giantotter.com.

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Get more value with SchoolLife Premium ($99/year).

  • Practice in pairs or play with the whole class using GroupPlay Mode.
  • Choose from scenarios created by the community or use Studio Mode to create content tailored to your students - or let the students create their own!  We provide a simple web-based scenario creation tool, 8 3D environments, and 10 ethnically diverse characters.
  • Assign Challenges - re-playable scenes interacting with A.I.-driven characters - to allow students to work on core skills individually.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses at the individual- and class-level with reports on language use and decision-making.
  • Embedded social and emotional learning surveys to supplement analytics and encourage reflection on and consolidation of learnings.
  • Interested in pricing for school districts?  Contact us.

What is GroupPlay?

GroupPlay is an optional feature that turns SchoolLife into a collaborative classroom experience. In GroupPlay mode, the whole class (all students and the teacher) log into the same "room". Two students role-play while the rest of the class spectates, and can comment in an integrated chat panel. Students are anonymized, enabling them to express themselves openly in front of their peers. New students cycle in as actors each time the scene changes. The teacher can pause at any time to lead discussions. To see how this works, take a look at this video.