Play Games

  • Play roles in scenes and stories with other students.
  • Students express themselves using their own words.

Watch Games

  • Play in pairs on networked laptops.
  • Project on a shared screen for a collaborative classroom experience.
  • Play online with the whole class using GroupPlay mode (premium feature).

Make Games

View a high quality demo video of SchoolLife gameplay.                    Register for a GiantOtter Educators account.

View a high quality demo video of SchoolLife gameplay.                    Register for a GiantOtter Educators account.

SchoolLife builds on research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab, is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, and has been named a winner of the Harvard President's Challenge for social entrepreneurship.

Get more value with SchoolLife Premium ($99/year).

  • Practice in pairs or play with the whole class using GroupPlay Mode.  (What is GroupPlay?)
  • Choose from scenarios created by the community or use Studio Mode to create content tailored to your students - or let the students create their own!  We provide a simple web-based scenario creation tool, 8 3D environments, and 10 ethnically diverse characters.
  • Assign Challenges - re-playable scenes interacting with A.I.-driven characters - to allow students to work on core skills individually.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses at the individual- and class-level with reports on language use and decision-making.
  • Embedded social and emotional learning surveys to supplement analytics and encourage reflection on and consolidation of learnings.
  • Interested in pricing for school districts?  Contact us.

Experiential learning through role-playing.

"Giant Otter Technologies is developing a series of online games that aim to teach people social skills, to change their behavior and, ultimately, to improve their relationships."  READ MORE

Games that improve relationships.

"If children could step into the shoes of a victim of bullying, would they be less likely to push others around? That’s the hope behind a virtual reality system that seeks to give kids a perspective on how cruel treatment affects their peers. The system portrays what happens when John, a shy and bookish boy, accidentally jostles a popular girl called Sarah. The creation of GiantOtter, a start-up in Boston, the idea is that experiencing other students’ points of view will help foster better relationships between pupils and so reduce bullying.READ MORE